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Iqra Studio Multiuse

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Social Media

Use Iqra Studio for your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. Go live or prerecord and amaze your followers with your new precise, beautifully enhanced voice. With different levels of reverb, you can adjust your settings to different sound quality.

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Lecture Recording

You can now record your lectures with Iqra Studio providing precision sound. Record your lecture in the classroom or pre-record them to improve student’s experience. Prerecorded lectures are increasingly popular especially post pandemic. Students can learn at their own pace, re visit lectures at any time. Enhance your students learning experience with Iqra Studio

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Online Teaching

Online learning has risen to 98% since the pandemic. Teaching live or online is made so much better with Iqra studio. You can interact with your students with a clear voice, even if you have a muffled sound, Iqra Studio will enhance it and make it precise for your learners to hear you with clarity. Adjust your Iqra studio settings for perfect sound quality.

Voice Training

When you train your voice, you are using your larynx muscles continuously, this helps to tone your throat muscles, which improves your sound. With Iqra Studio, you don’t have to use your throat muscles intensively, your sound will become beautiful and enhanced with just a little effort. Iqra Studio is Ideal for those with weaker larynx muscles that want to train their voice.



Podcasting has over 480 billion listeners, many business and social media users are increasingly using podcasts to increase their sales and reach wider audiences. let your listener be amazed with the clarity of your speech. Record your podcast with perfection.  Its portable, Its personal, its Iqra Studio

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Wireless Technology

Connect to any Wireless device (without reverb). Listen to your favorite recordings, take calls, make calls, watch movies and much more.

With four colors to choose from


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