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Our team consist of staff from different backgrounds and with different skills all complimenting one another. Together, we moved Iqra Studio from an idea through inception, then production and finally to marketing. With our reliable, energetic, and skillful team we overcame one obstacle after another. We left no room for laziness or cutting corners, all our time, effort and concentration went on producing this product in your hands today. We wanted our customers to take pride and joy in Iqra Studio, so we paid attention to every detail testing then retesting, to make sure the final product is perfect. Communicating across borders and in different languages, we ensured everyone understood the concept, the plans and how to bring it to life. Those of the team that joined us at inception and moved on to other projects are not forgotten for their valuable input to this success.

Mr. Abdul Qadeer Baksh
General Manager

My role at Warsan is the day-to-day management of the company from overseeing HR, finance, operations, marketing, and manufacturing to prepare, plan and delegate tasks for all my staff. I have a great team to work with, all of them are dedicated to their work and skilled in their field. They are highly motivated and proud to be part of Warsan. I love challenges and thrive in challenging environments. The most challenging task for me is coordinating between the manufacturing, operations, and marketing teams. I enjoy working for Warsan and I can see a great future for the company. The latest product Iqra Studio is a brilliant innovation, the product was carefully designed and took years to complete. We left no stone unturned to make sure the quality of the product is ready for the consumer. We are looking forward to seeing it in the market with great reviews.

Ms. Noor Begum
Finance Manager

As the Finance Manager at Warsan, my role is to take care of all financial matters of the company, including interpreting and storing financial records. In my role, i must have exceptional integrity and oversee financial records to keep the company in a strong financial standing With strong communication skills I am able to present detailed information in a manner that is easy to understand. My daily work is not just finance, but i have extended my skills and oversee responsibilities such as human relations and internal communications. I have a passion for generating working relationships and I am able to communicate at all levels. I have witnessed the product Iqra Studio from its inception when it was just an idea, I watched its progress over the years to its end. I can say what a great journey it was and I’m sure our customers will be very happy with the end product. My dedication and determination are among my strongest qualities, constantly driving me to achieve higher goals. Our team is fantastic, everyone is keen to see this product on shelves and looking forward to hearing about great user experiences

Mr. Mohammed Al-Alas
Quality Control Manager

My role is product inspections. I am an Engineer by profession, and I oversee the manufacturing in the factories, making sure Iqra Studio and other products are made to the quality, specification and design as planned. . I have a team of inspectors with me. We work to high standards and tight timescales. I speak, read, and write fluent English, Arabic and Chinese. This makes communication with all parties smooth which contributes to the product being perfect in all ways. So, my job is to ensure quality control and that your Iqra studio reaches you in top quality. I also assist in shipping, packing, and printing for Warsan. I love working with Warsan, the team spirit, motivation and happiness we all feel makes cooperation easy.

Mr. Syed Shahzad Asim
Marketing Manager

Working as Marketing Manager at Warsan, i am responsible for managing and monitoring the promotion and positioning of the brand and products. I raise awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns in the GCC and other part of the world. With over a decade year of experience in the field of digital and traditional marketing, I am implementing the best strategies to achieve the organisation’s objectives. The company has lead and provided us every possible resources to produce and market the product with the latest digital and traditional marketing tools. I am excited to see how Iqra studio customer’s will enjoys the product.

Mr. Mohammed Ashraf
Graphic Designer

I am the Graphic designer for Warsan Group. My specialty is creating innovative ideas and using a unique approach to visuals using all the tools at my disposal. With more than eight years of experience developing designs, I am using that wealth of experience, to bring as real to life image and feel of Iqra studio to the consumer, as possible. My goal is to give the consumer the best chance to make an informed decision when they buy Iqra studio. I am working with an enthusiastic team. My passion lies in using my graphic and design skills to bring a close to life simulation of all our products.

Mr. Jibin Skariya

Being Warsan’s Webmaster i am serving as the primary contact for Warsan Group’s website(s). Being detailed-oriented, I have created the functionality and design of the website to be user friendly. I am constantly troubleshooting bugs, to make sure our users have a great experience when using our sites. My work is constantly balancing between creativity and analytics. Coming from a strong technical background, I can assure our customers that we have our eyes on the functionality and security of our website 24/7. We will not leave any stone unturned to keep it safe, secure and user friendly.

Ms. Sara Wonya

Hi, I am Sara, my role at Warsan is constant multitasking efficiently to prioritize Warsan’s daily, weekly and monthly tasks. I love working with the team and find it very rewarding. Apart from my regular secreterial work, I also monitor emails and phone calls making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the product and service. One of the many roles i played directly for Iqra Studio, which i realy loved was examining the prototypes and submitting my evaluation on it in the form of a 30 page document. I was also involved in testing it with multiple devices and cables. Its wonderful working with the Warsan team and very fulfilling.

Ms. Moza Kudonu
Operations Manager

Running the operations for Warsan is a challenging task, I have contributed to the Iqra Studios project since its inception. Along with my colleagues, I have worked to identify potential distributors and top tech events held in the GCC. Additionally, I researched potential international venues for Iqra Studio presentations. My work involves inventory of stocks, communicating and co ordinating with suppliers and distributors. Additionally i also operate as the customer service representataive i run the online chat service, complaints and concerns, sales and WhatsApp communications. Working at Warsan is really great and rewardable, i cant wait to see Iqra Studio launched.

Ms. Yasmine Magomedova
Assistant Operations Manager

As an Assistant Operations Manager my contribution to Iqra Studio, along with my colleagues is vital. I deal with shipping to ensure our customers get their products on time without delay and they are fully aware of where their products are and when the products will arrive to their homes. I also deal with suppliers and buyers; I coordinate sales and purchases with them. One of the tasks I love is searching for potential distributors and researching exhibitions where we can potentially showcase our products locally and Internationally. I monitor emails, online chat service, calls and WhatsApp messages. So, if you ever get in touch with us, it’s likely it will be me you will be talking to. It was a wonderful journey working on Iqra Studio from an idea to seeing it physically in my hands. I look forward to launching our product on the market very soon

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