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A Headset Combining both Innovation and Quality Design

Innovation Quantum Reverb Acoustics


Canopy (2)


The canopy spanning the headband is covered with a breathable leather preventing perspiration, and distributing the weight evenly to reduce the weight on-head pressure. The canopy can be extended for larger fits and is durable for longer lasting.

Frame and Ear pads

The frame combines both strength and durability, it is flexible and comfortable. The ear pads feel like cushions allowing the even distribution of pressure around the ear providing a luxury feel.

frame & and ear pads01

With four colors to choose from


Studio Grade Microphone with Studio Filter

Telescoping microphone smoothly extend and stays where you set it, in a consistent position. The microphone measures what you are hearing of your voice and adjusts the frequency of your sound to deliver an experience of precision that will uplift you. Attached to the microphone is a studio grade pop filter which offers even more clear and vibrant sounds.

Innovative Electronic Micro Chip

With an innovative electronic chip that provides a custom acoustic reverb sound which is created to immerse you in your own voice and provide an incredibly beautiful sound pleasing to the ears, mind and soul.The reverb technology, combined with a high-class microphone, and quality headset is an experience not to be missed. It is revolutionary to sound technology.

Wireless technology

The new Wireless technology allows you to make and receive calls to any mobile phone, iPad, notebook, laptop or computer with clarity, even in windy situations. With just one touch you can link your Iqra Studio to any of the above platforms.*

Iqra Studio Noise Cancelation

Headphones these days are worn while multi-tasking, whether you are at the gym and listening or walking along the countryside and using your Iqra Studio. With Iqra studio noise cancelling technology at different levels of volume, you can shield your hearing and reduce distractions to enjoy a soul lifting experience.

Your Personal Sound Experience

The Iqra Studio  comes with an add on sound filter to further enhance your personal sound experience. Automatically calculating the required bass, mids and highs you will hear every different pronunciation and sound with clarity and accuracy. The headset is designed to bring clear, crisp and mind-blowing clarity.

no need for sound silver

No Need for a Sound Engineering Studio

No need for expensive sound engineering studios anymore. The Iqra Studio gives you a theatre surround sound experience in your own hands with no need for high end studio equipment and sound engineers.

How long can I use my Iqra Studio for?

Your personal studio comes with a built in battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous microphone and headphone use. Simply charge for 2 hours with a C-cable to reach full charge


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